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I'm Rashida Anthony, and it's been quite a journey for me. In my family, clairvoyance is a cherished tradition that runs deep, passed down through generations. Growing up, my family had a rich tradition of clairvoyance , with my mom, grandmother, and even my son all possessing the gift of clairvoyance through prophetic dreams and visions. However, despite this being a part of my heritage, I was raised in a Christian household where our family's abilities were acknowledged but rarely discussed openly. It was only later in life, triggered by a significant and transformative event, that I embarked on a profound spiritual journey. Along this journey, my awareness expanded, unveiling my true life's purpose.  I discovered that my primary gifts include clairsentience, which I first noticed at the age of six , allowing me to sense and feel subtle energies and emotions. Later in life during my awakening, clairaudience revealed itself, enabling me to hear intuitive messages from beyond the physical realm. While clairvoyance is also part of my toolkit, it's more of a secondary ability but presents when needed.
Fueled by a deep desire to be of service, I decided to rebrand my existing business, Kokona Moon, which initially began as a Greeting Card gift shop in 2009. It transformed into a spiritual and wellness shop, reflecting my newfound calling. In addition to curating an online store stocked with a diverse range of resources to support your personal journey, I offer various services and classes to guide you along your path.

Here are a few questions that I normally get asked.

When did your spiritual journey begin, and what inspired you to embark on it?
Oh, that's an interesting story! Well, my journey into sensing energy and being empathic started at the tender age of 6. I've always been highly empathic, but my empathy tends to lean towards the physical side. You know, if someone takes a fall, I feel the impact throughout my whole body. Even something like walking into a store can be an adventure. If someone in the vicinity has a broken arm, you can bet my arm starts to hurt too. No visual contact required; it's all about that energy connection.

Now, here's the really cool part: this extends to animals as well. I've noticed that critters of all shapes and sizes tend to gravitate to me, especially cats and dogs. But, as they say, every gift has its quirks. When I was growing up, it wasn't always easy to deal with because I hadn't quite figured out how to protect my energy. But  things have improved. I've learned the ropes, and now I can put this ability to good use, especially when connecting with past loved ones or doing general readings. 

Can you describe the significant moment or event that had a profound impact on your spiritual awakening?

My journey kicked off when I faced the loss of a dear friend, followed closely by the passing of my son's father. It all began with a deep, heartfelt need to connect and find solace, just to know that they were alright on the other side. Now, considering my clairsentient abilities, I could already sense their energy around me, but I was yearning for more, for a way to communicate and truly understand.

Have you ever experienced those moments when you feel like you're being hugged in the shower, or a gentle touch on your shoulder when no one's around, or even a subtle breeze when you're sitting at your desk? Well, these kinds of experiences began to unfold for me during that time. It was like a whole new world opening up.

Have you encountered any challenges or obstacles on your spiritual path, and how did you overcome them?

Yes, I've had my share of experiences. During my spiritual awakening, my clairvoyance kicked into gear. My Clairsentience, in particular, was incredibly sensitive at that time. The clairvoyance aspect allowed me to see spirits and auras, which, to be honest, was pretty overwhelming and even a bit scary. You see, this was a different era—no Facebook groups, TikTok, or YouTube as we have today. Back then, Google was our main source of information, and when I reached out for help, it seemed like everyone wanted a hefty fee, which left me feeling incredibly frustrated.

I was eager to develop my gifts, but I was also quite fearful because I didn't understand what was happening or how to control it. At one point, I just blurted out, "I'm not ready for all this." It's almost surreal, but literally, the next day, my clairvoyance stopped, and it remained dormant for years. My clairsentience persisted, although not as intensely. Over time, I developed strong clairaudience, and gradually, the clairvoyance started to resurface. It's been quite the journey of growth and understanding.

Are there specific practices, rituals, or teachings that have played a significant role in your spiritual growth?

Absolutely, prayer and meditation play a significant role in my daily life. I make an effort to meditate and pray at least twice a day. In the morning, I start with a quick meditation, and in the evening, I engage in a more extended session to unwind and reflect. Beyond that, I'm mindful of what I consume. I've chosen not to include red meat or pork in my diet, opting instead for a variety of vegetables and fruits. I'm a fan of herbal supplements and even craft my own herbal skincare and haircare products. While I do maintain regular check-ups with doctors, I'm cautious about medication, only resorting to it when absolutely necessary. It's all about a holistic approach to well-being for me.

How has your spiritual journey affected your relationships with others, including family and friends?

One thing that's almost certain on this journey is that you might part ways with people, including friends and jobs, that no longer resonate with your path or align with your energy. Personally, I haven't lost many friends, but that's because my circle is tight-knit and small. However, there have been individuals who briefly entered my life only to fade away because our wavelengths just didn't match. It's a natural occurrence, as not everyone will comprehend your journey or you for that matter.

What do you believe is the ultimate purpose or destination of your spiritual journey?

In my view, the ultimate purpose of my spiritual journey is to attain a deeper understanding of myself and the interconnectedness of all beings. It's about discovering and aligning with my true essence and purpose in this vast universe. Along the way, I hope to help and inspire others on their own journeys, fostering a sense of unity, love, and spiritual growth within our global community. Ultimately, it's about evolving as a soul, learning valuable lessons, and contributing positively to the collective consciousness.

Are you a witch?

I'm not a witch, but I totally get why you might wonder! You see, while you might find some occult-like items on my website, I was actually raised as a Christian. So, I still hold onto some Christian beliefs, but I'd say I'm more on the spiritual side of things these days. I'm all about embracing individuals from various walks of life and faiths, as long as their beliefs aren't harmful. We're all on our unique journeys, right?

My boyfriend left me. Can you give me something or do a spell to get him back or make him suffer?

I'm truly sorry to hear about your situation, but I do not cast spells in that way and I can't and won't help with casting spells to either reunite or cause harm. However, I'd like to offer you some guidance. Rather than seeking to alter someone else's will through magic, I recommend focusing on your own personal development and self-love. Embrace your own inner beauty and remember that sometimes, life removes certain things to pave the way for even better opportunities. Working on yourself, for your own sake, can lead to positive changes in your life and relationships.

Where is your YouTube channel, tik tok etc.?

You might be wondering about my YouTube channel, TikTok, and more, right? Well, to be honest, I'm a bit on the shy side, but I'm actively working on getting those social media channels up and running. In the meantime, I'd encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and keep an eye out for our upcoming quarterly publication, which is currently in development. This way, you can stay updated with all the latest news and content!