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Kokona Moon

Serenity in Colors: The Whimsical African American Angel Perpetual Calendar

Serenity in Colors: The Whimsical African American Angel Perpetual Calendar

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This printable perpetual calendar is thoughtfully created to bring joy and inspiration to your everyday life. With its convenient 8.5 x 11 size, it's perfect for displaying on your desk, pinning on a bulletin board, or adding to your favorite planner.

The calendar consists of 12 monthly pages, each showcasing the enchanting presence of our African American Angel, exuding grace and charm. These pages intentionally do not include pre-dated days, allowing you the freedom to personalize and customize your calendar according to your preference. Whether you choose to add dates by hand, use decorative stickers, or digitally fill it out on your device, this perpetual calendar empowers you to make it uniquely yours. 

To aid in your planning endeavors, we've also included a page that offers a convenient overview of all 12 months at a glance. This feature allows you to plan ahead effortlessly, ensuring you never miss an important occasion or milestone.

With its whimsical African American Angel theme and a delightful color palette of blues, purples, and pinks, this printable perpetual calendar is a true visual treat. Each page is adorned with intricate details and harmonious hues, creating a sense of tranquility and inspiration as you organize your schedule.

Our printable perpetual calendar is available in PDF format, making it easy to print at home or your preferred print shop. Whether you're a fan of African American art, seeking a touch of whimsy, or simply looking for a visually captivating calendar, our Printable Perpetual Calendar is the perfect choice.

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